Movement: Orthopedic Massage Therapy is a health care service that provides total muscle treatment for achy, stressed, tight, painful, wore out muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and other soft tissue.

This treatment is applied through various manual therapy techniques to include myofacial release, deep compression, muscle stripping, trigger point, kneading, stretching. Other applied therapies include electro stimulation, heat therapy, cold therapy,  muscle oscillation (vibration) therapy. Bio Freeze,  thera-band, kinesio taping is also available.  

Things to consider:

Our bodies were not designed to function in today's world without high levels of maintinence through fitness,  nutrition and skilled body work. 

Do you sit all day in front of a computer or drive all day?

Those activities can create back, neck, hip and shoulder issues.

Are you constantly on a cell phone, tablet, or media device?

The posture irregularities it takes to hold gadgets for prolonged periods of time can create neck strain, thumb/wrist/elbow pain. 

Muscles are high maintinence. You need to feed muscle tissue, keep proper hydration in your muscles. Also strengthen your muscles to accommodate your lifestyle and career. We all over use and over work our bodies and we do little or nothing to maintain it. 

Orthopedic Massage - soft tissue work that pertains to working with bone, ligaments, tendons,  as opposed to just muscle.

Medical massage - multiple massage visits as prescribed by doctor or other health care professional for treatment of pain or body alignment issue. .Treatments usually given through worksman compensation or personal injury cases .